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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 40

After being up for nearly 23 hours at a stretch..i slept like a log till 10:30 AM...The day was very quiet. I went out in the afternoon to meet my in laws. In the evening, mom and i went to PM Club at chowpatty. Had some wonderful snacks and watched the sea and just remembered dad. I still remember how dad would get some amazing snacks for us on sunday mornings and then lay it down in a plate neatly for us so that when we wake, Kashyap and me can just hog it. And dad would wonder, no matter what i get, these guys eat like dogs...LOL...welll those were the days. As i sit here, writing the blog i keep thinking of all the good time spent with Dad. We may have had our shares of differences (Which father-son duo wont ?) but in the end, i always knew he was one person in the world, i could trust blindly. Today, when i need him the most, he is not amongst us. The absence is always felt, but all this, somehow makes you more stronger to face the world and gives you more courage in tough times. Times can be tough due to financial reasons, personal reasons, professional reasons or medical reasons. One always has the choice to fight it and try and bring it to a good ending. In these times when, I am still going through a lean patch where personal life is concern, i try to keep my spirits up by thinking, dad is here in spirit. And he has always helped me out some way or the other. And i am pretty sure, he will help me pass this phase as well.
Till then,
Good night!!!!

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