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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 39

What a day.
After a chaotic day at office, i went for a movie. Took me 2 hours to drive from malad to Sterling. Saw, Case 39. Nice interesting horror flick. Then i came home in the mad traffic and went with mom to all my relative's place to give sweets. I am extremely nostalgic today. After ages, i went back to Malabar Hills. The area where I grew up. The area where i spent the first 15 years of my life. The places where we, as kids and as we were coming of age, played, fought, stood by each other, went to school, had heartbreaks, had a blast, ate like pigs, busted crackers, played Holi, went for long morning walks, cricket, football, Kings (Very famous violent game of my school days), 80s, Giant Robot, Golden Age Doordarshan, Vintage Comics, bitching about relatives, and so many other things. The irony was that, tomorrow is my dad's 4th Death Anniversary. So i was even more nostalgic and the memories were even more sweet when i visited my Junior School Building in the night and they were playing Hindi Songs from the 80s.
How I wish i had a time machine. I would have just gone to the 80s and never come back.
Here's to the 1980's......The BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!
Good Night,

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