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Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 35

I am back after 4 days without Internet Access. Was too lazy to use the laptop and the MTNL connection. Cant believe that there was a time when Kashyap and me used to wait in turn, very patiently, to use the PC and now both have our individual computers and a we have also bought a 3rd one, which in due course will be used by nephew. The bigger picture being, that we will ensure that the 3 computers are connected via a wireless lan card and we can play Online Cricket with each other. LOL.
Been a very hectic week as usual, with my reporting manager being given some ad-hoc work, i am practically managing team on my own. I sit for an hour extra daily (Mainly because the trains are too crowded when i leave so i would rather sit in the comfort of an air conditioned office ). Was more than eager for Friday to start so i can relax. I was planning to catch up with the fat guy for a nice drinking session in the evening and even planning to catch a movie but i am too tired, and this time i will listen to mom and stay home (for a change on a friday) and just surf the net and chill.
What's my plan for the weekend ? Well, weekends are wasted if its not spent doing something totally worthless, a great person once said. So I am planning to watch atleast 4 movies out of which 1 will be on the big screen. :p

Well, now i better do something more productive. I will play cricket 2004.


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