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Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 28

Its been tiring 2 days. Wanted to write on Day 26 and Day 27 but my PC was having a mood swing. Also, barely managed 3 hours of night sleep last night because i was so dead when i came home in the afternoon that i slept like a log till evening and then i couldnt get sleep :(
So today was friday and i went to work thinking it will be chilled. But boy was i wrong. I was flooded with escalation calls and emails. But i decided this time, i will leave on time. Khadey main gaya everthing. And so i did.
Last 2 days have been, otherwise, been getting good news from everywhere. We got a cute bundle of joy in the family (and that too on the day I predicted), The Fat Man got a job he had lost hopes and with a fantastic pay, my Department Manager (whom i would keep far away from ) had a nice 15 minute discussion with me and actually said to approach him for any kind of personal problems without hesitation. I was shockingly pleased (for a lack of better choice of words). Now i sincerely hope, that this flow of good events keep continuing and everyone is happy.
I also saw an interesting horror movie - Paranormal activity. This one is one of the big sleeper hits of 2008 made on the lines of Cloverfield and the blair witch project. There are 2 scenes post interval that will knock you out but otherwise the movie is boring.
Sorry, but too tired to write reviews. Will promise to write by tomorrow.

Good night and God bles.

PS --> Dear Girlfriend....Thank you for reading my blogs and the SMS... :)

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