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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 25

What a horrible day at office. 2 hours wasted because the systems were down. Bloody Hell. The one thing i hate is when you are stuck because systems are down. It only means that you will have to sit extra to cover up for the loss. But i am a fighter. I didnt sit extra and did all the pending work which didnt require the systems which were down. So in one way, this was a boon.
I came home and got some nice snacks, sweets and fruits on the way back.
Was about to relax and watch a movie, when i got an unexpected call. A close friend (Well, been friends since 1982---so real close friend) called and wanted to know if "all is well ?"
You know, its a real "feel-good" feeling when someone just calls you out of nowhere and says "I am with you". You feel, there must be some guardian angel somewhere. And co-incidentally, the name of my friend means an angel. :) that we have done some real non-angelic (for a lack of better word) things in the days of yore is totally different. So once again, thank you to all my well wishers who have stood by me during all the good and turbulent times. Means a lot to me.

As far as the review of Invictus is concerned, i will write it tomorrow.

Good night.

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