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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 23

Another Sunday!!!
Woke up at 11 Am and read newspapers...
Did nothing in the afternoon!!
Saw Play it again Sam in the evening...starring... U guessed it right...Woody Allen...
This one is about a neurotic guy who loves watching films and when his wife dumps him..he finds solace in a friendly couple who are trying to hook him with some girl...and his alter ego...Humphrey Bogart...This one's a laugh riot..The scenes where Woody Allen is dancing and where he fumbles when he is introduced to a girl in his apartment will make you laugh till your guts come out. I got a feeling of de ja vu when i saw the movie. Anyways, i believe that is a different topic of discussion alltogether.
Now i shall have some unhealthy paneer rolls and sleep because i have to wake at 2 AM to go to work.

Good night.

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