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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 22

It was amazing. I slept till 11:30 AM today. Reason --> I was sleeping in the Sofa till 5 AM and had a disturbed sleep and then i crashed in my Bed by 5:30 AM and woke directly at 11:30. Then again i slept in the afternoon by 4:30 and woke at 7 PM. After many days, i hit the gym and felt a bit good. Nothing much to do, so went with mom to Cafe Madras after ages. Now Cafe Madras is a small eatery in Matunga and its one of my favorite eating joints. For people who havent been there, that places is always crowded. Whether its 7 in the morning or 10 in the night. We still managed to get a place to sit and we ate quite a bit. Then i came home, watched some TV. Was watching a bit of Mystic River. What a movie. No one can capture human emotions better than Clint Eastwood. That guy can make a rock act. Well, it was a boring day really with nothing much done.
Tomorrow is Sunday and i plan to sleep till 11 and do nothing.

Good Night.

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