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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Movie Review of Paanch

Director - Anurag Kashyap

Writer - Anurag Kashyap

Plot :-

Luke(Kay Kay Menon), Murgi(Aditya Shrivastava), Joy (Joy Fernandes), Pondy (Vijay Maurya), Shiuli(Tejaswani Kolhapure) and Nikhil (Pankaj Sarswat) are out of job members of a rock band called Parasite. The only thing they do when they dont perform in a odd gig, is binge on Booze and drugs. They get an opportunity by a music company PRO to make it big but for that, they need to submit a demo CD with latest Sound Recording which would cost nothing less then Rs 500,000. Nikhil develops a plan where Luke has to call his rich father (Anand Mishra), fake Nikhil's kidnapping and demand a ransom. They would then use the ransom money to develop a good demo CD and then make it big in the music world. However, things go wrong when his father's friend, Inspector Deshpande (Sharat Saxena) comes to know about the crime and then while everyone is on the run, there is lot of deceit and double crossing right till the very end.

Critic’s Comments

This is Anurag Kashyap's first directed movie and it has not yet been released in cinemas. The movie is very realistically made and is very violent and gruesome. The soundtrack by Vishal Bharadwaj and Song Writer Abbas Tyrewalla is awesome and one of the very few hindi film soundtrack which has the feeling of hard core rock music. The acting by everyone is good and Kay Kay Menon deserves a standing applause for playing the role of a firebrand rock musician Luke with ease. This is not a regular run of the mill movie and is quite intense (Like all of anurag kashyap's movies). Do I recommend this movie ? Of course, I do. Its very unfortunate that the movie will never be released (in all likelihoods) in a cinema hall. However, the movie is available to be downloaded on the world of free internet.

Psst –

1) The movie was shot in only 40 days with a modest budget of Rs 15 million. However, despite promising reviews in movie trials, no distributor was willing to touch the movie.

2) The movie was meant to be released in 2000 but the censor board refused to certify the movie unless it toned down drastically on the theme of Drugs and Murder. Since this would alter the story line, Anurag Kashyap refused to move. The film was finally passed by Censor Board With an Adult Only Certificate in 2003 but the producers, Tutu Sharma and Padmini Kolhapure, seemed to have some sort of a fallout and refused to release the film. It is still unknown why the film was never released.

3) Anurag Kashyap originally wanted to make the movie with Manoj Bajpai and Raveena Tandon in 1999 during the making of Shool.

4) After the movie was refused certification by Censor Board in 2000, Anyurag Kashyap went in to a major depression and would often walk wandereslly in the streets and start crying at 2 or 3 in the night.

5) He also wrote Gulaal and Black Friday (in pure depression as per his words) in the period between 2000 and 2004 but none of them got released till much later.

6) Of the Hindi Film director's fraternity, Ramgopal Varma, Sudhir Mirza, Aziz Mirza, Farhan Akhtar, Govind Nihalani, Kundan Shah and Ketan Mehta loved the movie. The only director who felt the movie was rightly not passed by Censor Board was Ashutosh Gowariker.

7) It was rumored that the Divx and Xvid version of the movie available freely on the internet were put by Anurag Kashyap himself.

8) The movie was loosely based on the real life Josi-Abhyankar Murders that took place in Pune almost 3 decades back.

9) The movie's lead character Luke was named after famous MTv and Channel V Video Jockey, Luke Kenny. As a matter of fact, Anurag Kashyap wanted to make a movie based on a rock band with Luke Kenny before much before Paanch was conceived

Quotes :-

1) "Bhaad main jaa; Mujhe koi shauck nahi hai tere ghar main jaane ka."

2) "Lekin main to last song main chala gaya tha; Abey tere ko Hing Kong bhej doonga"

3) "Apna Kaam bunta, bhaad main jaaye junta."

4) "Aisa phaaduga, mochi ke paas jaayega seeny ko."

5) "Abhi to tapli maara hai, agli baar dafli bajaooga."

6) "jaath main bhurji hai jo sungh raha hai ?"

7) "Tere ko Shiuli chahiye ke nahi ? Ya zindagi bhar maal gaadi chalayega ?"

8) "Main ek pondi ko jaanta hu jo Railway Station pe bikti hai; Wohi hai."


Could not find any mistakes.

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