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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Movie Review of 3 Idiots

Plot :-

Ranncchoddas "Rancho" Chanchad (Aamir Khan), Farhan (R Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi) are freshers in a premiere engineering College headed by tyrannical guy Viru "Virus" Sahastrabudhhe(Boman Irani). While Farhan and Raju want a decent college life with a degree and a job at the end of the course, Rancho is the clear rebel who is brilliant at his studies but still rebels against the whole education system and questions the whole system of grading and marking. He falls in love with Pia(Kareena Kapoor) who is the Viru's daughter. After the course is over, admist lot of drama, Rancho disappears in the blue. He is unheard of afterward. A few years later, a chance encounter makes Farhan, Raju and another friend Chatur Ramalingam(Omi) decide to go where Rancho came from and discover that Rancho wasnt really the person they thought he was. So who was Rancho ? Was he a ghost ? Was he an illusion ? Was he a conman ? These and more questions are answered in their quest to search Rancho and in their own Soul Searching modes.

Critic’s Comments

When a genuinely good director like Rajkumar Hirani and an actor like Aamir khan join hands, the collaboration has to be the most talked about movie of the year. When it is produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra (Whose worst movie 1942 - A love story was still leagues ahead of its time) it is like an icing on a cake. With a popular novel like 5 point someone for inspiration, the movie should be nothing less than a path breaking block buster. So what happens ? Well, the good news is, 3 idiots has, in all likelihoods, will break the record for the highest grossing movie of all time. This is Aamir Khan's 6th hit in a row, as an actor. His last flop, as an actor, was 2000's disaster, Mela. His 2009's release Luck By Chance which had him in a 1 minute role should not be counted really. Even The rising was technically a hit. 3 Idiots is refreshing and in quite a few scenes, predicted the life of an engineering student, exactly the way it is. The comedy scenes are amazing. The one scene Where Omi is made to give a speech in Hindi is a big laugh riot. Its impossible, not to roll on the floor laughing after you watch the movie. Aamir Khan and Boman Irani have given good performances. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi may look irritating but they have acted well. Omi is the surprise package as Chatur Ramalingam and is hilarious.
Kareena Kapoor has grown as an actress. So did something went wrong somewhere ? Yes. Why the heck was the climax scene and the baby delivery scene so cliched and unrealistic ? Just for that i would give the story 3 out of 5 rating. However, overall, this is a much refreshing change from the from the usual trash that comes in the name of hindi cinema. A must watch film, nevertheless.

Psst –

1) To prepare for his role, Aamir Khan had to loose lot of weight and his famous 6 packs that he developed while shooting for his role in Ghajini. He was on a perpetual diet of Bananas and Milk only for quite a lot of days that he was shooting and he even played badminton at 4 with Hostel Students during his stay in The IIM hostel in Bangalore for the shoot.

2) It was Aamir Khan's concious decision to stay in a hostel with the students during the shooting of the film. This was a part of his method acting.

3) As a part of an unique movie promotion, Aamir Khan decided to roam around many places in India in a different getup and challenged that whoever recognises him will get a free movie pass with travel expenses to the movie premiere on Christmas Eve.

4) The movie was released in 1766 screens all over India and grossed rs 25 million from the paid preview shows alone on Christmas Eve.

5) The movie has already Grossed Rs 100 million in the Opening Day collections all over India and over Rs 300 million in the overall Christmas Weekend Collections. This is the highest grossing movie weekend collections for a Hindi Film and is likely to be the biggest money grossing hindi film of all time. This will beat last year's Ghajini which also starred Aamir Khan.

6) For the 3rd year in a row, An Aamir Khan movie was released on a Christmas Eve.

7) And like all Aamir Khan movie, the lead actress of the movie does get a lip-lock scene with him.

8) Out of the entire starcast, R Madhavan has been an engineering student.

9) The scene where they show a senior student getting electrocuted in a ragging incident when he urinates on a metal attached to a live current, was based on a real life tragic incident where an engineering student died when he was asked to urinate in a plug hole with the switch on.

10) Some of the ragging scenes (specially the chaar aana aath aana one) are actual ragging jokes.

11) The Climax scene was actually the first scene to be shot.

12) The character name of Chatur Ramalingam is an injoke and refers to the Satyam Infotech's infamous founder Ramalingam Raju. Chatur means Sly in Hindi.

13) There were even talks of the movie being officially available for downloading on the official website 3 months after release. If this happens, this would be the first time a Hindi film is made available online first rather than a routine video release.

Quotes :-

1) "Thodey din ke baad bhagwaan se vishwaas uth jaayega."

2) "Jab 50 saal baad tu aisey hi koi hospital main pada hoga, tab tere ko lagega, kaash mainey thodi himmat karkey baat ki hoti."

3) "Aapney humey Sthan diya hai."

4) "Induction Motor start kaisey hota hai ? Brmmmmmmm."


1) The distance between Ladakh and Kullu is shown to be 6 hours, whereas in reality it is nearly 10 and half hours by road due to the high terrain passes.

2) Similarly, one wouldn't ever be able to travel within 24 hours from New Delhi to Shimla to Ladakh to Kullu to Ladakh. The distance that one is talking would be a minimum of 1606 Km. And a majority would have been on hilly terrains. At an Uniform speed of 160 Km/H (Impossible on Indian Roads) it would still take them 10 hours without a break.

3) In the scene where the students are using car batteries to generate electricity, it would have been scientifically impossible without the battery getting an external source of power. The power would have to be generated from a car ignition with an actual battery not yet detached and one never finds anyone actually starting a car. Although this is a novel idea and would work only theoretically, it is very unlikely to work practically. Atleast not with the kind of heavy rains shown.

3) Which brings me to the 3rd mistake, is our wireless internet technology so seamless and so clear that one can see the video streaming absolutely uniterrupted on a rainy day where even a cell phone network would have been congested and dead ?

4) When we see Farhan's id card, it is shown 1st year ME(Masters in Engineering). While actually he is in 1st year of BE (Bachelor of Engineering).

5) In the start scene, it would have been impossible for Farhan to escape from the airport because when he fakes being unconscious, the standard security procedure would be to have an emergency landing at the nearest airport, take the patient in an ambulance (and not a wheel chair as shown) with a police officer to the nearest hospital.


  1. Impressive review as usual! Nice to read the trivia and goofs. Also it's said that the trio actually got drunk for the scene which required them to act like drunkards.

    Good one and keep rocking!


  2. Hey Milind, Good review .... upto ur usual standards..... so finally whats ur rating of the movie?

  3. Sony 1080p player While I still like it, I think there was an mistake close to the end of the fourth paragraph.

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