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Monday, December 14, 2009

Manic Monday

Hello Everyone,
Apologies for not updating my blog yesterday. I was too tired and zonked after a nice afternoon session with Hemant and Subbu. For the first time in years i could sleep peacefully on sunday night and was in Slumberland by 21:30. My movie review will be up soon within the next couple of days. Monday was manic as usual. Cleared quite a few back log of work that had piled over the weekend. Managed to do the other regular work in time. Had to (As usual) sacrifice on my 2nd and 3rd break so i could leave home on time. But all in all, it was a day, much better than regular mondays.
On a personal front, i seriously wish i had the capacity to visit the gym regularly, but i just dont find the strength. :( Some how i also wish that the year ends on a nice note in all ways. For many who may have already known, this year has been too taxing for me. Had it not been for the unconditional Support from a couple of my close friends (And i just cant seem to thank them enough) i would have gone in to big time depression and would have got a serious nervous breakdown. So once again, officially (through my website L:-) ) thank you very much for being there (They know who they are...i dont need to name them for anyone).
It is the irony of life that you never get unconditional support from people who you, most expect from, and end up getting it from people you may not really expect. There is a big difference between support and unconditional support.
In our useless society, all the support you get for a personal front, has always been conditional.
Lets see what the road less travelled offers.

Well on a more different note, i will be watching another Woody Allen Gem, The curse of the jade scorpion before i sleep. Its quite amazing that i have now turned into a major Woody Allen fan and going by whatever is happening in my personal life, i think Woody Allen movies shows an insight in a much more lighter and witty vein. The movie, Hannah and her sisters, has so many elements of what has happened / is happening in my own life right now that i just couldnt help admiring the genius in Allen.
Well thats it from me now. Hope to update the blog tomorrow.


  1. Hi Again!

    I have seen only one movie by Woody Allen till now and that is "The Match Point". I really loved watching it. This guy doesn't belong to this fucking world. Whatever has happened at that point of time in your life, will become a memory someday. Stand by your faith and touch the sky.


    1. Woody Allen, is exactly, the kind of person that someone like you or me could relate to. And its NOT only limited to the movies he makes. And thank god for people like him. :)