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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 9

It was another Lazy Sunday. Except today was kind of special Day for the building where i stay. We celebrated 50 years of the formation of our society. So today, the Sunday Brunch, Evening Tea and Dinner were on the house. I went for the brunch and Dinner and was surprised that so many people live in the same building and i hardly except know a handful of them. The interesting part was that i could see quite a few pretty faces as well :) I knew there were some good looking chicks staying but never had the chance to see them up, close and personal :) :)
Anyways, so like most of the sundays, All i did was eat and sleep. Wanted to watch a Woody Allen Movie - Melinda and Melinda but somehow the DVD player couldnt work due to regional incompatibility so i had to see it in FLV player. And guess what, the movie refused to play after 54 minutes. Damn these new technology. Can someone please tell me where can i download a player or buy a dvd player which is compatible to ALL region dvds ???????
Good Night!!!!

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