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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 8/9

Its Saturday and its movie time. Between Last night and tonight i saw 2 movies. The first was Woody Allen's The Curse of the jade scorpion. This one was not a typical Allen movie where everyone loves everyone but it still had an amazing Allen touch with the witty one liners. Eg - A lot of women have passed through this apartment. I can't say they were all winners, but... :)
In the afternoon, i went for the much awaited Avtar at Imax. I made a mistake of watching it in 3D and i actually should have listened to my instincts and should have seen it in 2D. For the review, please go to

After the movie, Avtar Baba, Fat Guy and yours truly went to this pub - Blend N Brew (Which is also called Bend and Screw by some locals). There we the fat guy and me ate like pig. I even had a small peg of Old Monk. Again we laughed like crazy (Specially me) over The fat guy's jokes and one liners. Then we decided to go for a drive till Kharghar. I saw my Alma Mater - BVIT. I thought i would also meet someone who was staying in Kharghar but that someone didnt bother to even reply to my SMS, so we just turned and came back to town.

All was ok in the day, except, at nearly 12:00 in the night, there was a massive traffic jam at Chembur. I mean, what the fuck ?? Over the last few years, whenever i have visited Chembur in the night, i always witness massive traffic jam. There was no religious function or any rally so where the fuck did these people want to go anywhere or were coming from ???
I am sure not all of them must have gone to party or going for some party or coming back from some party or entertaining place ? The traffic was till Sion. I now resolve, never to go beyond Sion in a car unless its a real emmergency. I would prefer using public Transport, specially the train. That way atleast i can drink a bit more.
Well, i am feeling quite tired and now i shall hit the sacks. It will be a nice day tomorrow, with my residential building celebrating 50 years so Brunch and Dinner is on house and will also get to check out some few chicks who are staying but i never get to mingle ;)

Good night.!!!!

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