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Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 7

Sorry i couldnt write last night. I was too tired and was feeling quite low over a lot of things that happened.

However, today, for the first time in many many months (or maybe even years) i felt good (even though it was only for a brief moment). You see, in life, you meet a lot of people. Some stay like parasites. Some go, never to come back. Some people you respect, some people you love, some people you support unconditionally, some are acquaintances and so on and so forth. There are some very rare individuals who come to your life, stay there for a while and then they go. You keep bumping in to them once in a while, but whenever you meet them, you always go with a very positive note because they leave a very special impression in your heart. This is not love. This feeling, for a lack of better word or words, can not be explained by any dictionary. Today when i met that someone, i felt quite valued. For someone who is quite used to being ignored and not appreciated, it is a welcome change when someone actually asks about you and shows you so much respect that you value that 15-20 minutes that you spent for the rest of your life.
So to that someone special, Thank you. Thank you for showing confidence in me and teaching me so many things that have given me an identity somewhere in my work life. Thank you for showing me how to do the right thing and ensuring that all little things were taken care of to ensure i came with a smiling face next day.
Chalo, atleast for some part of the day i was in a happy state.

Avtaar tomorrow.....quite eager to see!!!!!

Good night folks!!!

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  1. Hey Ya!

    At times, I feel strangers are more eager to help us than our loved ones :)