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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 4

What an eventful day in office. Cant believe how a single misinterpretation can lead to such dire consequences that one can even shit rocks. Dont worry folks, i was not referring about anything that has happened to me, its just that i saw a close office colleague who had to go through a major trauma today and i somehow felt helpless. Anyways, i still managed to move out of office in time and clear my daily workload. I still couldnt go to the gym because i spent almost 2 hours on the phone trying to sort the issue in office out so that everyone has a win-win situation. Guys, this is an open forum, and because i respect someone's privacy, i cant go in the depth of the details. So, here i am, the week is not even half way through and i cant help thinking, "When the hell will the weekend begin ?" I am planning to see Avatar with a couple of my very close friends and after that we will go for a "Mast Daaru session" and discuss Bhagvad Gita, The Bible and The FAT MAN will make us roll on the floor laughing with his amazing one liners and vulgar jokes. All this actually makes me feel so happy that despite going through a personal crisis, you still have friends who are there with you through thick and thin. And it is these moments when one feels that the old phrase is so true, "By sharing, Happiness increases and Sadness decreases."
Well, i am off for some nice high calorie dinner and then its movie time on DVD and then zzzzzzzzzzz...!!!!

Ps --> The India Vs SL match today was not at all how India should be playing an one day match. Reminds me of the infamous one day match that Australia lost to South africa on 12th March 2006. Just how can you score over 400 runs in 50 overs and still win only by a whisker ??? ridiculous.....More than anything else..the pitches in India HAVE to be neutral and with more bounce or else you will only have players scoring runs like crazy and when they play in places like Sydney or Perth, they will cry wolf!!!!


  1. Hi Champ!

    I haven't seen till now this flick "Avatar". Ha Ha! I may watch it someday. I can very well understand how do you feel when someone goes through pain. This what being human is all about. It's a different thing altogether that most of the people we meet are more concerned about we being alive.

    1. I believe most people we meet are least concerned whether we are alive or not. It doesnt matter a damn to me, of course :)
      Avatar is ok. Definately not as good as the other Sci-Fi flicks that James Cameron Directed but much better than The Titanic.