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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 19

What a start. I keep my alarm at 4:30 AM and still cant manage to open my eyes due to less sleep the night before. Somehow i manage to get at 5:25 AM and reach office by 7:15 AM. Much more relaxed day at office except for the brief 15 minutes when i couldn't find my cell phone because a colleague decides to hide it. Neha, i will get you one day for this :)

Commendable work by 3 of my suppport staff who managed to work on 777 accounts in 9 hours. Commendable because they did the job of 6 people without a glitch.

After work i came home, shopped for some wires for the laptop battery, renewed my Gym Membership (And i resolve to be much more regular and resolve to keep this resolution) and shopped at Reliance Fresh for next week's stock of Soya Milk, Flavored yoghurts, Flavored cheese spread, snacks, biscuits, soaps etc. In a while i will watch some nice movie on dvd and also download Anurag Kashyap's unrealeased paanch (Torrent ki jai ho).
Good start for a long long weekend :)
Good night folks.

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