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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 15

2nd day of my extended break...woke at 9:45 after a night of disturbed sleep...watched husbands and wives till the end....met far off relatives and went to see 3 idiots with the fat guy and Avtaar baba. The movie was good. Parts of it reminded me of my own engineering college days (not the ragging part)...the climax scene and the baby delivery scene were hopelessly filmy. But still, i would give it 3 out of 5. After the movie we went to our favourite joint - Blend and Brew. And between the 3 of us, our menu was as follows
1) 5 Large Smirnoff Vodka Pegs
2) 3 bottles of limca
3) 1 Small Smirnoff Vodka Peg
4) 2 large pegs of Old Monk Dark Rum
5) 2 tins of diet coke
6) 1 huge portion of tadka daal
7) 2 Butter Naan
8) 1 Egg Fried Rice
9) 2 huge portions of Dahi Kababs
10) 1 huge portion of Paneer Kathari (which was a blend of paneer and cheese with veggies)
11) 2 huge portion of chicken crispies
12) 2 large sweet lemon with water

And..the fat guy still had place for dessert which we didnt order..LOL

but i laughed like crazy before, during and after the movie. The fat guy thought i have lost it big time, and i enjoyed all this amazing madness. While Avtar baba actually thinks that all this laughing out loud and crap humor jokes is just a vent of my inner sadness and frustration. Well, in many ways it is true. But will that be a hindrance to our friendship ? No chance.
At the end of the day, when you are out with true friends, you share your happiness and sorrows. And you be who you are. And you get accepted for who you are, no questions asked. I guess, the movie, in some way, made us a little bit more closer than what we are now. Atleast to me it did.
Well, looks like the smirnoff vodka and rum made me write a bit more than what was required.

Good night folks.

PS -- I did not eat chicken crispy and eggs in case you are wondering since when did i turn carnivorous.

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