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Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 14

What a nice day...felt like saturday...when it was not...and i still have 3 more days to enjoy without thinking of work :-)
As most of my day off from work goes, i woke at 10 AM...played cricket 2004 and did nothing except "download" LOL...
I promised myself i will not have any lunch (And i kept up to it ) because i wanted to enjoy a nice dinner at my uncle's place where we were having a nice little family reunion.
In the afternoon i went to meet my grandfather after ages, and we had some nice man to man talk. I now believe i have one more person who is willing to give me unconditional now that makes 3 of them in the world. Good for me i guess.
In the night, i had some amazing pav bhaji with dollops of white butter. Ate meal fit for 2 people and still felt hungry :p
And then chatted with my cousins and played some nice poker after weeks.
We also celebrated my aunt's belated birthday. She still says her age is 18 (And i think its been like that for atleast 20 years).
Had a real nice time.
One of my uncle was very happy today. Can you guess the reason ?
Well, for almost half a decade, he was searching for Tom and Jerry DVDS for all the episodes ever made. And guess what ? He got them. And guess who gave it to him as disguised as a christmas gift :) :) :) :) ??????

Good night.

Me off to see 3 idiots tomorrow with avtar baba and the fat guy.

See ya.

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