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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 13

Yesterday, I was zonked out in the night. Had my dinner and was sloshed by 8:30 PM.
Today was the last day in office, before the long christmas weekend. I will be resuming office only on the 29th December. :)
I was planning to leave by 4 PM when suddenly one of the colleague's that i work with, her windows password couldnt work and i had to sit almost 45 minutes trying to log her out. Then i realised, if i have sat so much, i might as well sit some more and finish all work so i come to work next week with much more relaxed frame of mind.
One of my colleague dropped me to the station in the evening and took a detour. We had some interesting real conversation and hopefully that colleague will now do some honest real work and get appreciated for the good work he is doing rather than get fired for the useless things that he does besides that.
I had a nice dinner with mom in the night at The Sun, which is one of my favorite restaurants and i ate a meal fit for 3 people and dessert to top it. Come on guys, i didnt have anything to eat since 9 AM in the morning so have some mercy.
It was also interesting to hear that a few of my office colleagues have found my blog interesting and are actually eager to read it every night. One of them even thinks i have a potential to write a novel. :-) Well if that is true, then i have had such an eventful 30 and a half odd years of existence that my novel might be even more fatter than Tolstoy's War and Peace.
Now i am really really sleepy. I will just surf the net for a while, see a nice movie on DVD and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Hope everyone has a nice and a merry christmas.

Good Night.

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