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Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 10

Another Mayhem Monday. Didnt know when the day passed by. Today i was shopping in Crossroads for some books and dvds. Got some surprises for certain people i know.
In the evening, i was reading an article in the newspaper. Apparently, Central Railways is falling short of Long Distance train Engine Drivers. So as a workaround, they are recalling the retired engine drivers and keeping them on a daily salary till the vacancies get filled. This is a risk. Because most of these engineers are above the age of 60 and are now not that physically fit to drive an engine. The funny part is, there are nearly 6500 post vacant for these engine drivers and over 800,000 people have applied for the post. This has been there since 2006. And till date, the railways are just sorting out the applications. I wonder how many more decades do they want to fill the post ?
This article made me think of my growing up years. I can rewind to 1986. I had gone for my summer vacations (or was it diwali ?? cant remember) to Udhana. Now Udhana is a small suburb of a Gujarat City called Surat. My family had a huge factory out there and my Uncle / Grandpa / Dad used to take us out there for a small picnic. The house that i lived faced a railway network only about 1 KM away. Looking at all the trains go by used to give us kids a big time high. The best part was when 6 of us (all less than 10 years old) decided to go to the railway workshop and ride in a diesel engine. When we went there, the engine driver was kind enough to give us a ride. We were so thrilled. This was something no kid of today will ever get to experience. In the night, we often used to go to the building terrace and watch the trains go by and the biggest kick was got when the good ol' steam engine passed. The sound was absolutely magical. It was as if you were immediately and magically taken to a magical land. One of my biggest ambition (Apart from being a film script writer) was to ride a railway engine. I am sure so many kids would have that ambition atleast once.
I am fully qualified, as per standard railway engine driver qualifications, to drive a railway engine. However, when i read that over 800,000 people had applied for a jbn meant for only 6500, i felt, my chances would be 0.81 in 100. And with our great reservation quota, it would be 0.41 in 100.
But still that was one amazing nostalgic trip that i went today.

Kya din the. Childhood days rocked.
And the 1980s.....They simply kicked ASS!!!!

Good night!!!!

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